From July 2015

Papier Maché Clay – The Video, Part 2

Making Papier Maché Clay and Choosing a Mold
Mixing the Papier Maché Clay

Making the Clay and Choosing a Mold

Don’t Change Out of Your Grubby Clothes Yet!

Now that you have some paper pulp, it’s time to turn it into papier maché clay. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s squishy. What’s not to love?

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Use It Or Lose It – Black Papier Maché Clay Finish Coat Update

Black papier maché patch with mold
Black papier maché patch material after sitting covered for about a month


What a lovely image to sit at the top of this post! Hope you haven’t just eaten.

The other day, I needed a tiny bit of the black papier maché clay smooth finish material for the bottom of a bowl I’d covered with it. There was a white speck on the bottom that needed to disappear.

When I opened the container, this is what greeted me. This was made about 2 months ago, and was tightly covered. I really didn’t expect it to happen.

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