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Make Polymer Clay Shape Cutters From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Three bottles to be recycled into cutters
Three bottles to be recycled into cutters

More Fun With Trash

If you’ve ever tried to cut a shape out of polymer clay, or any other soft medium that’s similar, you’ll know it’s not easy to make it symmetrical by hand.

There are all kinds of cutters for sale at craft stores, but why not combine helping to save your little corner of the planet with saving some dollars in your pocket?

Travel size, sample size, and even regular size bottles can be used to create free, easy-to-make and easily replaceable craft cutters. There are always more where they came from.

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New Line of Decorative Bowls Added to ChirpHop Studio’s Etsy Shop

Medium-sized textured, white, oval "snowball" bowl from cast paper
Medium-sized textured, white, oval "snowball" bowl from cast paper

So many posts about the new papier maché clay recipe and only undecorated bowls to show for it... until now.

Nine one-of-a-kind handmade bowls, in a variety of sizes, shapes, linings and finishes have been added to ChirpHop Studio's Etsy shop. (and more to come soon). A few are made from cast paper and the rest are made of papier maché clay.

All of the bowls are made with recycled household scrap paper and some are finished with repurposed gift wrap tissue paper or foil.

They can be used as a stand-alone decorative pieces, for holding dried botanical arrangements or other small household items or as storage for home, craft or office supplies.

Check out the slide show above for a quick peek at part of the collection.

Because they're finished with acrylic paint and/or varnishes, they're water-resistant. You can wipe them with a damp cloth, but it's probably not a good idea to submerge them. The finishes aren't considered food-safe, but could certainly be an option for wrapped food.

Hop on by and give them a look. If you like what you see, feel free to favorite them, pin them or use whatever your favorite is to share them.

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Making Balloon Bowls with the New Papier Maché Clay Recipe

balloons for papier maché clay balloon bowls
Balloons for papier maché clay balloon bowls

Balloons can be used as a wonderful mold for making papier maché clay bowls. Their full, rounded contours, variety of sizes and shapes and their elasticity offer a wide range of possibilities for some gorgeous finished pieces.

While they do present a couple of challenges that need to be worked around, they let you make forms that you can’t otherwise get with a solid, inflexible object… especially one you’d rather not destroy trying to get the finished bowl off of it.

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