From December 2014

Happy Holidays! More new pendants on the ChirpHop Etsy Store

Just in time for (really) last-minute holiday shopping or treating yourself after you've been treating everyone else, there are 7 new resin pendants in the ChirpHop Studio Etsy store.

Some of them have a holiday or winter theme, like "Celebrate" and "Where's the Partridge?".

Others can give you a taste of springtime, if the holiday rush is turning your thoughts toward warmer weather and quieter times.

The slideshow will let you take a look at all the new additions.

Stop by the shop and have a look around. You know you deserve a little something for yourself!

New resin pendants added to the ChirpHop Etsy store

There are some new additions to the Chirp Hop Studio family. As you can see in the slideshow, the three resin pendants have very different origins as well as palettes and images styles.

One comes from a set of postcards with vibrantly colored Mexican artwork, another is a photographic image from a magazine that resembles a thin, almost lacy cross and the third is from a vintage book about Art Nouveau graphics.

Visit the store to learn more about these and to browse through all our other pendants. 

ChirpHop Etsy Store Is Open!

ChirpHop Studio has just opened its Etsy store, carrying a variety of handmade, one-of-a-kind resin pendants. Stop by and check out what we've got.

This is only the beginning. The plan is to carry an assortment of personal accessories and home decor items, with a focus on recycled, restored, and upcycled source materials.

Pendants and chains have a copper, silver, antique silver or  brass finish.

There's a lot to choose from - over 70 pendants with a wide range of images, colors and types of artwork, from photorealistic to abstract to funky graffiti-ish and zentangles.

Just in time for the holidays, or any day. (Maybe you deserve a treat.)